Rebecca August 2010

Having received the Splasha as a gift, I was delighted to take it on holiday. It was soft, cosy and the poppers made easy to put on a slippery wet chlid! The hood kept her warm and she loved to snuggle in it after being in the water. It washed well, no nasty bobbles and dried fast ready for the next day. My daughter loved it so much she liked to wear it as a dress! I highly recommend this product for all ages of children for the beach, pool or even after a bath!

Madhouse Review June 2010

Like most babies, all of my kids have had hooded bath towels (Pierre still uses his) because they make getting baby out of the bath easier for mum and saves them from getting cold. Once they get past toddler stage though, the towels are too small and they don't stay closed when your little ones are on the move so they don't really serve their purpose any more. Well, you don't have to progress on to normal grown up towels just yet if you don't want to, because Morrck have created a fabulous new towelling wrap called the Splasha.

On the Morrck website, they describe it as a "super soft double sided towelling wrap for beach, pool and bath. Complete with treasure pocket for all the important little things that get collected or carried about !". While the description is accurate, it doesn't do it justice because it fails to get across just how practical the Splasha is. It slips on, with or without the hood, like a lightweight velvety-feel dressing gown. There are two press studs on the shoulder to hold the Splasha closed, while leaving easy access to your child's body underneath if you want to towel them off after the pool or their bath. There are a further three sturdy press studs all down the side so that it can be closed totally and the "treasure pouch" can also be closed with a press stud.

It's a really versatile garment. If your child is learning how to dry themselves after their bath or shower, it can be slipped straight on as soon as they are out of the water to save them from getting cold as they (slowly !) start towelling themselves off underneath the Splasha. If you have girls with long hair that you leave to dry naturally, it's great over pyjamas to save their hair dripping down their backs. And I just know that it will come in really handy on holiday in Turkey this summer, as a quick wrap to throw on when they get out of the pool for a drink / ice cream / run to the toilet, preventing not only water dripping everywhere but also sunburn.

FQ magazine - top gear award

We have been awarded the Top Gear rosette in FQ Magazine (Jul/Aug 2009 issue).

Janey Lee Grace

The baby hoodie is a fantastic product, my baby was so snuggly in it right from birth, I'm sure it helps her sleep longer and she looks so cute! From Janey by email

On Janey says: "I used this with Lulu and it was so cute and cuddly."

In her book Imperfectly natural baby and toddler: "A great safe but snug travel wrap is the Baby Hoodie."

Tamba Member review

Nemone Head tried the MORRCK Baby Hoodies with Katie and Josie. “These are absolutely brilliant and have made getting out of the house with my two 16 week babies so much quicker and easier.

They look much like a hooded bath-towel but are shaped in the seat area to fit snugly into a car seat or pram. You simply place the baby in the seat, buckle up (there are slots for three or five point harnesses) and wrap them up as snug as you like in seconds. When you go into a warm environment, you can simply unwrap them as much or little as you want, without disturbing the baby if they are sleeping – you don’t even need to unbuckle the harness and no need for coats. I’ve found them so useful that I’ve just ordered another set so I don’t have to swap them between car seat and pram, what more can I say?”

Review by For Parents By

“The Hoodie I received is in a lovely beige and cream colour and is soft to the touch. It was extremely easy to put into place in Amy's pushchair - I have it in place within seconds. Once I have the Hoodie in place I leave it there as it is then ready for the next time I have to use the pushchair, ( the pushchair stills folds easily even with the Hoodie in place). Amy can then be put into the pushchair and wrapped in seconds - this not only allows us to be on the move almost immediately but Amy is very quickly settled. Once wrapped in the Hoodie Amy will sleep for hours - she looks and is indeed very cosy - never too hot or too cold as the Hoodie can easily be wrapped and unwrapped to allow for increases or decreases in temperature - going in and out of shops for example.

Due to the recent cold weather I have repeatedly used the Hoodie and found it hard wearing and although in beige, a light colour, the Hoodie still looks as good as new.

I would greatly recommend a Hoodie to anyone with a baby as I believe it is worth it's weight in gold - the Hoodie was extremely easy to use, Amy is very comfortable when using it and clearly loves it!”

I want my Mum review

"……My last and quite possibly favourite newborn item is the one that has really served to make life easier day in, day out and has already been worth it’s price thrice over! The Morrck Hoodie fastens to the carseat and wraps round the baby in a swaddle. It’s designed by a mum and unlike many mass produced items where you think yes this would be great if…..there really isn’t anything I would like to change or improve because a lot of thought has been used at design level.

The wrap around design is good in that it not only serves for easy opening/closing but also helps you quickly get a snug fit around any sized baby that tucks right under the chin, helping to make baby feel secure and cocooned.

Brilliant, for the days when you seem to go car, inside, car, inside - when the journey inside isn’t long enough to warrant waking and removing them from the seat to sling. If your short trip involves going inside somewhere warm you simply open the Hoodie which is so much easier than trying to wriggle a floppy newborn into winter coat/jackets, then remove them when inside due to overheating risks, then putting it back on etc! Equally as handy when we have been out and about slinging and then you have to transfer a snuggly sleepy babe into a cold car, particularly when it’s freezing up North!

It’s fully machine washable and is virtually dry after a good spin meaning it’s a great seat liner to have on to catch all those baby dribbles. A thousand times easier than trying to remove the washable outer cover most car seats now seem to be fitted with as standard– ok providing you have the manual, a few spare hours to feed straps in and out of various holes and the patience of someone in training for Krypton Factor."

Flying Start Product of the Month This month we are loving: The Baby Hoodie

In the car, outdoors or at home, the baby hoodie is a genius invention from Morrck, which will make parents wish that they too could fit in the sizes available – zero to five months, four to 12 months.

The Hoodie, which is available in a variety of colours, is shaped to fit all standard sized car seats and pushchairs so you can strap your baby in easily. You can choose to have the hoodie embroidered to personalise it, making it a perfect gift idea. Morrck also offer a gift wrap service with a handmade card and gift tag option for an added personal touch, and so you don’t have to worry about the presentation side of things.

This stylish little product is a reversible travel wrap that is made of a double layer of the softest, fleeciest fleece which will ensure that your baby is kept snug during those chilly winter days ahead. Here at Flying Start, we just can’t wait for the day they introduce adult sizes!

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