Baby Hoodie Travel Wraps

Baby Hoodie Travel Wraps

All parents want their baby to be happy, comfortable and safe. Our multi award winning travel wrap does all that and more. Getting out and about becomes quick, simple and easy for parents. The hooded travel wrap is shaped to fit neatly into standard car seats (up to age 4) pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and even infant supermarket trolley seats. The harness feeds through the openings in the travel wrap and fastens over baby’s indoor clothing. The hood provides extra protection across your baby’s forehead and ears in cold, windy weather and lies completely flat behind your baby’s head when it’s not being worn. Available in lots of colours and thicknesses, suitable for all weathers both at home and on holiday.

How to hoodie

Car Seat Safety

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Choosing The Right Hoodie

The best Baby Hoodie for you will depend on a couple of things; the age of your baby/toddler, how you will be using it and the time of year.

Using your Baby Hoodie:


For your pushchair/buggy
Made of one layer of supersoft waterproof fabric, padded and lined with anti-pil breathable fleece, the rambler is a very warm travel wrap option. If you spend a lot of time out and about walking with the buggy, it’s a perfect alternative to cosy toes and footmuffs through Autumn, Winter and into early Spring. Because there is no zip around the bottom, as your little ones get older and shoes get muddier the Baby Hoodie will simply wrap around them, meaning they don’t outgrow it and that dirty shoes aren’t inside it. The Rambler comes in one size from baby to toddler and due to its thickness, and therefore warmth and is not recommended for use in car seats.

The Rambler only comes in size 2 (see below for sizing) and due to its thickness, and therefore warmth, is not recommended for new borns or in car seats.

All Season

For car seat, pushchair/buggy, pram, carrycot, bouncy/swing chairs even supermarket trolley seats
Made of one layer of anti-pil breathable fleece and one layer of 100% cotton jersey, this is a great option all year round in all modes of transport

Ultra Lightweight

For car seat, pushchair/buggy, pram, carrycot, bouncy/swing chairs even supermarket trolley seatsMade from two layers of 100% cotton jersey, the Ultra Lightweight Baby Hoodie provides a light wrap for the summer months. Just enough to keep your baby warm in an air-conditioned car, it also provides that essential sun-protective layer to give you peace of mind. Very useful for holidays in sunny climes.

Time of year you are purchasing

Consider what you think the weather will be like for most of the lifespan of the garment you are buying. Below is a guide based on our average UK weather

Av Temp(centigrade) 3.8 3.8 5.7 7.9 11.2 14.1 16.1 15.8 13.6 10.6 6.5 4.6
All Season    
Ultra Lightweight                
UK average temperature data from the Met Office Hadley Centre